Privacy Policy

Comprehensive Privacy Statement for Personal Information


For Clients


    In accordance with the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (Personal Information Protection in Private Possesion Law), this is our Privacy Statement.

    We suggest you read carefully this Privacy Statement, which states the use, treatment, terms and procedures to follow in case you consider limitation of the use of the personal information you are giving us.


1. Responsible for your personal information protection.
FluidMind S.C. with brand name FluidMind with address on Presa Endo 43, Col. Irrigación, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, México, CP 11500,  is responsible for collecting your personal information as well as the treatment and protection of this information.

2. Personal information and collecting means.

The personal information we collect from you, including images and  sounds recorded by the security cameras, for the purposes described in numeral
four (4) of this Privacy Statement, are collected on a personal basis, when you provide us with this information directly in our offices ,through our webpage, social media (name and e-mail address), e –mail address, telephone calls, and are guarded physically and electronically in a data base under the strictest confidentiality.

The identificación personal information we collect from you is:

  • Name.

  • Address.

  • Local phone number.

  • Cel phone number.

  • e-mail address.

  • Tax ID



The personal information we collect from you is treated under the principles of legality, loyalty, proporcionality, quality and only for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement. Furthermore, for the protection of your personal information we will establish administrative, technical and physical security measures that allow us to protect this information against harm, misplacement, modification, destruction or any other use different to the one stated in this Privacy Statement.


2.1.- Personal information for handicapped people.

It is our special interest to take care of protecting the personal information of handicapped people under the terms of the law. The information will be treated and protected under the higher security measures and confidentiality.





3. Sensitive personal information

We would like to inform you that we do not collect sensitive personal information.


4. Purpose of the collected personal information.

Your personal information is collected with the following primary purposes:


  • Recruiting and selection of executives.

  • Consulting on talent.

  • Career coaching.

  • Billing.


5. Refusal of secondary purposes use for your personal information.

Secondary purposes are not necessary for the legal realtionship with the responsable. The following are the secondary purposes:


  • Digital marketing,

  • Digital and physical flyers.

  • Uploading of  images and sounds to social media.

  • New product and service information.

  • Specific campaigns.



The refusal on the use of your personal information for secondary purposes , will not at any time, prevent us to provide the offered service.

I do not accept that my personal information be used for the aboved mentioned secondary purposes. [    ]


6. Personal Information Transference

  • FluidMind does not transfer client personal information.


7. Means and Procedures to exercise Derechos ARCO (ARCO Rights).


To exercise your derechos ARCO (ARCO Rights) (Acceso, Rectificación, Cancelación y Oposición) (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Oposition) you should make a written request addressed to the Departamento de Datos Personales vía e-mail to our e-mail address or deliver it physically in our offices, that should contain the follwing requirements:


  1. Name of the owner of the information.

  2. Address or other means of communications for a response. In case of not complying with this requirement the request will be taken as not filed.

  3. Documents that validate your  identity : passport or any other. In the case of a legal representative, it will be necessary to validate the power given through a document and ID.

  4. A clear and precise description of on which personal information you look to exercise your  Derechos ARCO.

  5. Any other element or document that facilitates the localization of the personal information.

  6. Once your request is received, we will use a period of 20 working days  to notify you the adopted determination, which, if applicable will have effect in the 15 days following the day the determination was communicated.

  7. We would like to inform you that in case the request is insufficient or incorrect , the timeframe on the above mentioned paragraph will be counted with five working days from the date the request was received. To correct or amend you will have 10 working days  to meet this requirement, which will continue the procedure. In case of not meeting the mentioned requirement, the request will be taken as not filed.

  8. If the request is for Acceso (Access)ato your personal information a physical photocopy will be issued and the only cost generated will be the reproduction and the shipping expenses, with a previous validation of the owner or the legal representative.


8. Mechanisms and procedures to revoke your consent.


At any moment you may revoke your consent to the treatment of your personal information, for which it is necessary that you send us an e-mail written in Spanish to the following e-mail address, containing the requirements stated in numeral 7 seven of this Privacy Statement pointing out which information you wish to revoke.

In a timeframe of no longer than 20 working days starting on the day we receive your mail, we will revoke the requested information. It is important to point out that not in all of the cases we will be able to fulfill your request or end its use in an immediate manner, due to the possibility of some legal obligation that requires the continuation of the treatment of your personal information. Likewise, you should consider that for certain purposes, the consent revocation implies that we will not be able to provide the requested service or the conclusion of your relation with us.


9. Options the owner has to limit the use and disclosure ofpersonal information.


 At any time you can limit theconsentof use and disclosure of your personal information through mechanisms other than Derechos ARCO (ARCO Rights)

consisting in sending an e-mailto, or a written filing addressed to Departamento de Protección de Datos (Personal Information Department), in which you point out which is the information you want to limit.


10. Use of cookies , web beacons or other similar technologies.


Cookies are texts that are downloaded automatically and saved on the hard drive of the user computer at the time of visiting an specific Internet page and it allows the Internet Server or email address, it can be used to monitor the behaviour of a visitor, can store information on the visitor IP, time the visit and know what type of browser is being used, among others.

We would like you to know that during the recollection of your personal information on our website we DO NOT collect any information from cookies, web beacons or other similar Technologies.


11. Modifications to the Privacy Statement.


We reserve the right to modify or actualize this Privacy Statement in accordance to legislative modifications, internal policies or new requirements in our products and services. These modifications will be available to the public through the following:


A) On our website


12. Unfair treatment of personal information.


If you consider that your right to personal information protection has been harmed by any of the employees with their acts or responses, or presume that in the treatment of your personal information,one of the provisions of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares has been violated, you can file a complaint before the INAI
on their website