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Did you know?

Every year between

30% & 40% of college students shift majors within the first few semesters.

85% of students are unaware of the working day to day within their chosen profession.

Why does this happen?

Lack of vocational interest and unawareness of the student’s personality.

Students are choosing a major as early as 16/17 years of age.

Students face a choice overload with the great

number of acceptance letters they receive.

In LevelUp 5     we have the tools to help you define your professional profile, all while understanding your Personality Traits.

LevelUp 5       by FluidMind is an advisory service which offers students the experience of more than 15 years in executive recruitment and Career strategies as well as the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ certification, to support them in choosing their professional path based on the structure of their individual personalities.


We apply the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ online assessment, which generates three robust reports to find out the main personality traits of the student, their learning styles and which professional career options best fit their personality. These reports are based on models such as the ACT World of Work and the Holland Hexagon.

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